My passion for web development started as a teenager when I began making static websites for my favorite bands.

I have a fascination for how things work "under the hood". Creating applications whether it's with the javascript framework React, or a custom API built with C# .NET CORE Web API, is to provide a satisfying user experience, and to help businesses and individuals build web applications that are safe, secure, and reliable. 



Star Wars Character Api(React, Javascript, Bootstrap, RESTful API, Swapi StarWars API)

The Star Wars Character api app I created was motivated by my desire to learn more about how an api works and how to "pull" the data from one to use it with React's virtual DOM. There's an initial api call when the app component mounts and it loads data from swapi.co which is rendered in a table with the name, birth date, heigh, mass, home world and species of each character throughout the Star Wars movie and story catalog. After the 1st api call which is made through axios, the api data loads based on paginated results that swapi.co has limited to 10 results per "page". You click one of the pagination squares and it makes an api get request to the relevant page number and it loads the results for the next 10 characters. I was able to become very comfortable with React framework tools such as async/await for asynchronous programming and with axios to perform my api calls.

Expense Tracker(React, Javascript, Bootstrap)

I created this app because of my pursuit over the years to become better at keeping track of and managing my money. Having a proper financial foundation and keeping track of your expenses is essential when it comes to managing your money. This React app posed many fun but challenging hurdles for me like learning about setting and changing state, using ES6 Javascript with arrow functions, broadening my bootstrap skills and the different ways React.


Snake Game(2D animation, Vanilla Javascript, Html Canvas)

I wanted to create this game to increase my knowledge of javascript and take me to the outer limits of my comfort zone.The snake game utilizes html canvas to provide the layout and playing area for the snake and fruit to move.I was able to gain a lot more confidence in using loops to sift though the array parts that make up each part of the snake.The logic behind the snake moving like links in a chain was the most challenging aspect of the game to figure out for me.I'm very excited to have this 2D game as part of my skill sets in software development.  I would love to keep building more games in the future! 



Duane Muchow Concrete(Html/CSS/Bootstrap/PHP/mySQL)

This website Duane Muchow Concrete Construction is a static html/css/bootstrap app that uses php and a mySQL database.  The mySQL database is used for holding contact information and leads for concrete bids.  I love designing my websites with mobile-first UI-UX.  I am utilizing bootstrap for responsive design and css for customizing the bootstrap styling even further.  



Tel: 217-416-1417


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